Rosalind Cartwright
After receiving a B.A. and M.A.in Psychology, from the University of Toronto Rosalind Cartwright studied at Cornell University where she received a  Ph.D. 1949. She then taught Psychology at Mount Holyoke College. She left after two years to do research with Carl Rogers at the University of Chicago. Their studies testing the effectiveness of Client-Centered Psychotherapy were published by University of Chicago Press  in 1954 “Psychotherapy and Personality Change”. In 1963 she moved to became Director of Psychology at the University of Illinois College Of Medicine where she  opened a sleep laboratory to study the function of dreaming and REM sleep funded by NSF, NIH and NIMH. This work continued for the next forty years. In 1977 she was appointed Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Rush University Medical Center, a position she held for 30 years. There she opened a Sleep Disorder Service for diagnosing and treating patients with sleep problems, the first in Illinois. She was Boarded in Sleep Medicine in 1980. At Rush she held an endowed University chair and trained many residents in sleep medicine while continuing to conduct research on  sleep disorders, their treatment and on  dreaming.

In 2004 was the recipient of the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Sleep Research Society.  She is frequently interviewed on radio and TV on her work with sleepwalking violence, dreams that help the depressed recover, and snoring that disturbs the sleep of the partner and her  innovative treatments for sleep apnea.   Dr. Cartwright retired from Rush 2008 and is currently Professor Emeritus in the Graduate College in the Neuroscience Section where she continues to teach. She continues to write and consult drawing on her long experience.

She has authored over 200 journal articles and five  books, four on sleep and dreaming:

“Psychotherapy and Personality Change” (with Carl Rogers).1954

“Night Life: Explorations in Dreaming”1977

“A Primer on Sleep and Dreaming”1978

“Crisis Dreaming: Using Your Dreams to Solve Your Problems” (with Lynne Lamberg)1992

“The Twenty-Four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives” 2010

“Her descriptions of patients, perpetrators and her participation as a witness for the defense are spell-binding.” Mary Carskadon Ph.D. Brown University.

“Cartwright describes her research as well as that of many other sleep scientists in an exciting, eminently readable and thought-provoking narrative. Micheal Vitiello Ph.D. University of Washington.

“Her excellence as a scientist and clinician has earned her the title of Queen of Dreams. Wilse B. Webb Ph.D. University of Florida

Hardback (2010)                                                                                       Paperback (2012)

The Twenty-four Hour Mind:The role of sleep and dreaming in our emotional lives.